I’ve lost my bloody tail!

I can’t help it.  I thought these photos of Kazon were good enough to share despite their shortcomings.

You know me.  I had the camera on the wrong settings.  Would you expect anything less?

So I was in the kitchen with Kazon.  He was so happy that I thought he’d explode with the force of it.  No matter which way I turned or what I did, he remained hot on my heels, his tail whipping up a cyclone of kitty content while he yapped and yapped about it all.

And I soaked it up like a sponge.

Kazon looking up at me with adoration (180_8092)

But later as I sifted through the limited number of photos, I realized—as I often do—that I had once again left the camera on incorrect settings.  The images of Kazon offering his affectionate banter and loving body language had all turned out rather poorly.

Yet I still couldn’t deny how damned cute he looked.  Don’t you agree?

With but a handful of pictures to choose from, I really couldn’t find any that offered quality stills of the moment.

Then I came across this one.

Kazon standing in the kitchen twitching his tail (180_8091)

Having captured his enthusiastic tail movement seemed to make it all better.

How I smiled looking at that photo.  It tells of secrets only we share.  It demonstrates the sincere happiness all of The Kids feel.  It’s a portrait of a blissful home, one where ape and feline share in love and devotion so unspeakably real and deep that it can’t be quantified, qualified, or conveyed.

And then I laughed so uproariously that I feared I might wet my britches!

Poor Kazon had lost his tail.  And I’d captured it in a low-quality image.

I feel for the lad, you know.  A cat’s tail is a critical component of who they are.  And I took it away from him by not paying attention to the options under which I was shooting photographs.


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