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This rends my heart asunder.  “The world’s rarest big cat may be doomed to extinction. A new census estimates that only 25 to 34 wild Amur leopards remain—at least 66 fewer than are needed to ensure survival, experts say. Also known as the Far Eastern leopard, the Amur has been painted into a deadly corner by habitat-slashing, conservationists said this week. Weighing in at about 55 to 130 pounds (25 to 59 kilograms), the large cat once flourished along the Korean Peninsula, in the Russian Far East, and in northeastern China. But habitat fragmentation and the hunting of the leopard and its prey have eviscerated wild populations, conservationists say.”

Again and again and again we devastate our world, sometimes en mass and sometimes one species at a time.  We are such horrible stewards of this planet.  I hate people…

At least Friday Ark #135 offers a litany of lighthearted animal links.  I needed that.

This week’s edition of Carnival of the Dogs is now available.  Sniff your way around over there for some canine photos and news.

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