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Tangled Bank #78 is available with the best science from around the intertubes.  Check it out if you’re a science geek like me… and even if you’re not.

For the time being, I’ve removed all references and links to Fark.  That includes the bookmark link shown at the bottom of posts.  Why?  Because Fark has a legal policy written by a Nazi.  That is, their policy states they own anything posted to their site and that they immediately own all control of anything posted to their site once it’s been posted.  As if!  Until that illegal blunder is fixed (the policy is invalid under copyright law, but still…), I won’t link to or enable use of Fark from this site.  So there.

How much science fiction reading have you done?  And how long ago did you start?  I read Greg Bear’s Eon back in 1991 shortly after it was published.  Here it is 2007 and I can still say it’s one of the best science fiction books I’ve ever read.  What a marvelous concept, what an intriguing story, and what a phenomenal world of tomorrow.  And although there are currently no plans to turn it into a movie, you can see a movie trailer for it here.  It’s definitely worth a look.  The trailer was put together as part of a computer graphics competition; that’s why you can see it yet not look forward to an actual film.  But there’s always hope…  How I still remember with abrupt clarity The Stone, The Death, The Way (especially The Way!), Thistledown, Axis City, and a great many other major pieces of the story.  I think I need to read that book again.

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