The refrigerator game, part deux

I already explained Kako‘s refrigerator game, and I even shared a video of part of the fun.  Now I’d like to show you some photos of the second part of this entertaining event.

As I said in that post, she “loves ‘The Refrigerator Game.’  That is, she leaps atop the frig and asks for—mostly demands—attention.  The game usually—mostly—winds up with her jumping on my back and continuing the demanding/getting attention from there.”

The aforementioned video shows the asking/demanding part.  These photos show the pre- and post-jump part.

Here she was in position to make her leap.


Once on my back, she goes in one of two directions: crazy playful or heartwarmingly loving.  This time happened to be the latter of the two.

As you can see, she first lay down facing away from my head, and there she began kneading my back and making all affectionate and like.


The moment I called to her and reached up with my other hand, though, she raced to turn around and fell into a hug that would bring a tear to the eye of any parent.


And there she stayed while soaking up as much petting and scratching as she could get, all the while purring and kneading and hugging until my heart melted and all my woes disappeared behind a shroud of adoration.

Sometimes she’s more interested in playing, but this time she was far more wanting of some personal time with Daddy.  And she got it.

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