Sigh of relief

In the last seven days I have received two paychecks and a most unexpected tax refund.

I simply can’t make clear how relieved I am at the moment.

While not caught up by any stretch of the imagination, most of my bills are now current and on schedule.

More importantly, there’s extra cat food in the pantry.

I have money left to get cleaning done, buy some groceries and general necessities, and eat more than one meal per day, not to mention giving me a wee bit of wiggle room so far as having cash is concerned (i.e., it’s always nice to have a few bucks available for emergencies).

Next on the schedule—which I can now cover—is to get Kako in for her annual exam and vaccinations, get the car in for its 55,000-mile service, begin addressing the debt I’ve accumulated (which is a big and long-term project), and generally begin putting my life back together.

This road stretches far into the distance, I agree, and it will take me some time to travel its full length, yet the sudden availability of funds makes starting the journey a done deal.

I’m not out of the woods.  I have a tough road ahead.  Splurges and treats are presently reserved only for The Kids.  Finances are still extremely tight.

With all of that said, however, I can still breathe a sigh of relief.  I don’t have to ask anyone to help me get through the end of the month.  I’ve already been able to get many things taken care of (e.g., electricity, phone/DSL, cell phone, housing, car insurance, etc.).  I still have money for gas and coffee and food and minor emergencies.  My list of must-get-done tasks has grown impressively shorter in the last week.

I suppose I’m saying the light at the end of the tunnel no longer looks like a freight train heading toward me.

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