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The pet food recall has expanded by several new brands and products.  See the FDA’s pet food recall page for more details.  It also includes some rather disconcerting news about how much of the tainted product has entered the human food supply and what little the government is actually going to do about it.  Basically: We’re on our own with this one.  Meanwhile, the whole thing continues to grow by leaps and bounds, the danger to animals is not yet over, the danger to people is only just beginning to come to light, and we’re quickly learning how uncaring and uninvolved our various government agencies are and want to be.  Pathetic.

On the same token, this article sheds even more light on how dangerous the situation is and why we should all be very worried about how much of these contaminants have already made it into our own food supply—let alone how much continues to enter without anyone paying attention or caring.

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