That which cannot be denied

Their emotions remain undeniable.  Call it anthropomorphism if you wish, but I’ll likewise call you a fool and a liar.  They have the same emotions we have.  In fact, I’d bet they’re more in touch with their feelings than any human in the history of our planet.

A close-up of Kazon as he looks away (162_6219)

So it is with Kazon, the baby of the house, the pathetic yet adorable child who needs his daddy, a feline unable to exist without my companionship and presence.  I fear for his life should something happen to me.

A close-up of Kazon looking directly at me (162_6243)

And it’s in his eyes that that truth becomes adamant in its clarity.  There is such trust, such adoration, such love.

I doubt I’ve ever known anything so real.

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