The long morning

Kako visited the doctor this morning for her annual exam and vaccinations.  Although not one of The Kids enjoys going to the vet, she probably is the most difficult under such circumstances.  Each has varying degrees of cooperation which are demonstrated at such times; hers is more a degree of uncooperation.

Nevertheless, the deed is done.  She received an excellent health report, was brought up to date on her shots, and came home bellowing disapproval with as much vehemence as she did on the way there.

Now?  She’s lying in my lap fast asleep.  Part of that is stress and part of that is an anticipated reaction to the vaccines.

Later, when she’s awake and feeling normal, it’ll be major treat time.  For now, however, I’ll let the villainess princess get her rest and rejuvenate her fatigued little body after such an unpleasant experience.

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