What wonders do you behold?

A day rarely goes by when I fail to ponder what The Kids have seen.  By that, I do not just mean what casual passing they have observed, what playful tussles they have watched, and what dark worlds they have envisioned through slowly closing eyelids.

Nay, what I consider is far more extravagant than that.

I wonder precisely what magical realms they have studied with their godlike eyes.  What phenomena, invisible to clumsy and weak human eyes, have these five cats seen that I would not—could not—have noticed?

To see through their eyes on but one occasion would be to comprehend finally what the Egyptians worshiped lo these many eons ago.  It would be to comprehend in the briefest and most limited of ways how marvelously powerful these creatures are, to see what we fail to see, to notice the most minuscule thing that otherwise would pass by our primate eyes without worry.

So I ask, Grendel, what wonders do you behold?

Grendel sitting looking out the bedroom windows (189_8925)
A close-up of Grendel's eye as he looks out the bedroom windows (189_8927)

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