I swear I passed out when I saw it

Kako is her own lady.  That’s the politically correct way of saying she’s a bitch.  None of the other cats save Grendel are worth her time… except when she wants to play with Kazon, her brother.  Aside from those moments, she screams like a banshee when any of them come near, and she brutalizes them—a surprising fact given she’s the smallest cat in the house.

And beware the trauma of rescuing Vazra.  I might as well have brought a large cat-eating dog into her life.  She’s treated him like a punching bag, a claw sharpening utensil, a personal trampoline, and a scapegoat for anything that might possibly go wrong.

Then imagine my surprise when I walked into the bedroom and found this scene.

Vazra and Kako sleeping on the bed (181_8106)

I had to poke both of them to make sure they were still alive.  I mean, her sleeping that close to him…

It’s like the book of Revelations come true right on my own bed.  The end times can’t be far behind.

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