Since I visited the family farm yesterday and spent some time with the various felines, I thought I’d share some photos of Smudge.  He’s the eldest of the three cats who work and play in our East Texas refuge.  He’s also a big lovable kid who—I believe—still misses Smartie, his brother.

Taken during my visit on April 1, here he is making his way toward some lovin’.  The moment he realized we were all outside, he rushed from his hiding place and made a beeline for our position.

Smudge trotting through the grass on a sunny afternoon (183_8308)

I stepped outside during yesterday’s visit while the dogs were out and about for a bit of play and a nature break.  When we headed back to the house, Smudge had taken up a position on the steps where he undoubtedly would be seen and would therefore get some lovin’.  While he waited, a nap sounded like a brilliant idea.

Smudge taking a nap on the steps (195_9526)

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