A day at the farm

These are pictures from my most recent trip to the family farm.  They neither represent nor embody the pinnacle of what I hoped to share.  Unfortunately, Zooomr remains unreliable and unstable, so I’m proffering these tidbits in lieu of what I originally hoped to share: good quality, large sizes, and interesting perspectives.

I hate flickr.  Actually, I hate Yahoo!, so that remains the sole reason I’ve not made these photos available in sizes other than what is shown here, and I don’t intend to do so as long as flickr remains the only venue available to me.  Let us hope Zooomr gets its act together soon and resolves the litany of issues that service continues to have.

Intertube woes aside, here’s a brief photographic jaunt through the family farm.  I plan to share more later when work and web no longer pummel me with tedious assaults.

Note: All photos taken May 26.


[I’m busy with work, as you’d already guessed, and this is the best I can hold in my hands from which you can take; yes, if you must know, I’m still online with work and still quite busy; this week has tormented my soul. . .]

3 thoughts on “A day at the farm”

  1. I know, it torments my soul to be working inside, but at least I can see outside. Work pays the bills unfortunately!
    Love your photos of your family’s farm!

  2. You said it, Pam: “Work pays the bills unfortunately!” How I wish that was different.

    Still, The Kids need to eat and drink and have their health tended to, we all need shelter, someone has to keep the electricity on and the internet connection available. . . Well, the list goes on.

    Sometimes I want to scream from the rooftops that capitalism sucks!

  3. Gosh, and don’t I feel like the ungracious host. . .

    Thank you for the compliment on the photos! I wish I’d been more ambitious with taking pictures during my last visit, yet my visits really have nothing to do with capturing images and everything to do with seeing my family. Still, I have a few others I’ll be sharing soon–or hopefully soon, that is, if life stuff will ever get out of the way.

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