Do you kill them?

Although my move to a vegetarian lifestyle has gone smoothly and without incident, and being a vegan has become all but natural to me, I wonder. . .

If ants invade your cupboard and find the bag of sugar, do you kill them?

If termites beset house and home, do you kill them?

If rats move in to the attic and make it their own, do you kill them?

If mice scurry about the floorboards with abandon, do you kill them?

If paper wasps build nests beyond comparison on the patio, do you kill them?

If aphids invade the garden, do you kill them?

You see, I’m not blind to the hypocrisy of so many vegetarians and vegans, that state of mind wherein they proclaim humanity in some things while practicing vile, ghoulish, inhumane devilishness in other things.

It’s one or the other, is it not?

So, do you kill them?  What makes the difference between that which can be killed without remorse, and that which should be lamented when and if it is killed?

Are they not all life, not all the same?

Again, do you kill them?

Perhaps I’ve misunderstood the whole idea…

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