In sweetness how they blossom

Roughleaf dogwood (Cornus drummondii) (192_9267)

Roughleaf dogwood (Cornus drummondii)

Japanese honeysuckle (Lonicera japonica) (192_9268)

Japanese honeysuckle (Lonicera japonica)

An unidentified wildflower (192_9227)

As yet unidentified flower with a tiny spider

[Update] I’ve since identified the last flower as wild carrot (a.k.a. bishop’s lace or Queen Anne’s lace; Daucus carota).

2 thoughts on “In sweetness how they blossom”

  1. Thank you, Pam!

    I’m still working on that last one. Unfortunately, I took the picture early in the morning when the flower had just started to open. If I’d waited, I could have captured an image of it in full bloom, and that would have helped. But this is what I took instead, so I have to try identifying it while it remains unopened. I’ll get it, though; I’m sure of that.

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