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I find this worthy of more than a few tears: “Audubon’s unprecedented analysis of forty years of citizen-science bird population data from our own Christmas Bird Count plus the Breeding Bird Survey reveals the alarming decline of many of our most common and beloved birds. Since 1967 the average population of the common birds in steepest decline has fallen by 68 percent; some individual species nose-dived as much as 80 percent. All 20 birds on the national Common Birds in Decline list lost at least half their populations in just four decades. The findings point to serious problems with both local habitats and national environmental trends. Only citizen action can make a difference for the birds and the state of our future.”  See the article for more information, including the reasons why so many of our avian friends are rapidly facing extinction.  You’ll undoubtedly find it easy to guess the single source of all the related causes.

By the way, GrrlScientist also covers this issue with her own take.

Speaking of birds, I and the Bird #18 is masterfully presented as a newspaper article, yet it still offers the best from the birding world.  Don’t miss it.

Friday Ark #143 continues to board new passengers, so visit throughout the weekend for your fill of animal goodies.

catsynth has a great post about why Dubya’s approach to border security is such a bad idea.  Namely, far too many endangered species will be negatively impacted, not the least of which are some feline species already precariously dangling over the edge of extinction.

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