Forced into exile

Upon returning home yesterday evening after an egregiously hectic day, I promptly discovered I had no internet access.

Some might wonder how such a thing could be possible with home and work avenues.  Let me just say I will never utilize my job to access my blog.  They need not discover this outlet for a great many reasons.

As for home, apparently a DSLAM problem (a bad card, IIRC) caused the outage.

Could I have used dial-up access through my ISP?  Yes, I believe so.  It’s just that I’ve never taken the time to install and configure the software.  I had no intention of going down that road last night.

Instead, I took it as forced exile from the web.  I spent extra time with The Kids, worked on Dreamdarkers, and went to bed early.

And what a glorious evening it was.  A little less rushed.  A little more restful.  A lot more personal.

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