Tomorrow evening

In evening of the morrow I will attend a dinner to celebrate the anniversary of xocobra and LD, in addition to LD’s birthday.

I have been quite remiss—and terribly forgetful—of late.  Both events have passed, yet neither have I mentioned here.

So let me correct a horrible breach of etiquette and a nearly unforgivable faux pas.

Happy birthday, LD, belated though it might.

Happy anniversary, xocobra and LD, again belated though it might be.

My hope is that both of you celebrate a great many more of these marvelous occasions.

Even if I forget them from time to time, something I am loath to do.

11 thoughts on “Tomorrow evening”

  1. you think i’m wrooied about if you remember a couple of dates on the calendar? I just thank you for being a great friend

  2. Youre not here today therefore your desk is fair game….I wouldnt open the top drawer when you get back. πŸ˜‰

  3. ok, and when you leave tomorrow, don’t be surprised if you find yourself a brown friend somewhere around your desk :mrgreen:

  4. Thats ok, just remember I have 4 large dogs and my Jasons parents are coming in town Friday…I have a lil yard “dooty” to perform so your desk could be quite the mess (pun intended).

  5. Freaks. Yet another lover’s quarrel from the peanut gallery. Have you two thought of dating? Or at least bumping nasties once in a while? It might help relieve this obvious frustration between the two of you.

    Oh, and real men cry. Only wimps don’t.

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