What kind of host would I be. . .

. . .if I ignored a kind compliment? …if I simply consumed the praise like so much nourishment without thanking the person providing it?

I’d be no host at all, but instead just a user, just someone looking for the next fix of niceness I could gain from yet another person who chanced upon my humble little abode on the web.

Today I received this e-mail:

I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful pictures and write up on the polyphemus moths that came to visit you. I was trying to identify the one that came to visit us, and found your info very helpful. I now know that it was a male that visited! There is no need to respond, but I just wanted to thank you. Oh and your cats are very pretty! Have a nice day. Regards, Michele

The post in question is here.

Thank you ever so much, Michele, both for visiting and for writing.  I am endlessly glad that you found assistance and enjoyment in that entry.

And The Kids will thoroughly adore your kind remark.  In fact, they’ll point to it as another example of why they should be treated as royalty—without any lip from me.

You’re too kind!

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