Don’t sniff the light!

I heard that in a movie once.  Or was it “Don’t go into the light!”?  I can’t remember which. . .

A close-up of Grendel's nose as he soaks up some sunshine (205_0550)

That’s Grendel takin’ a little siesta in the bit of sunlight we saw a few days ago.  Such occasions have been rare, of course, but are increasing, so all of The Kids take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself.

Oh, and here’s a wider shot demonstrating he was indeed being a lounge lizard, a couch potato, a carpet kitty if you will.  Or, in the parlance of those in the know, he was being a typical feline by locating and hogging the available warmth from sunshine.

Grendel trying to take a nap in a bit of sunshine (205_0546)

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