Out of the picture

I journey tomorrow to the family farm.  I feel this trip will be anything but normal given that Wylie will trek with me.  It would be weeks before another opportunity presents itself for me to dedicate a weekend to this jaunt, so this weekend it is.

But I’m dog-sitting.  I can’t very well leave the poor canine home alone, so he’ll accompany me.

It could be a rather interesting day.  Wylie’s not the concern, mind you, and neither is Snoopy, the resident pit bull.  My concern is Rascal, the still-a-puppy blue heeler who thinks herself the queen of East Texas.  And she’s quite the trouble maker due in no small part to that attitude.  So we shall see how it all works out.

As for the other animals, from cats to cows and rabbits to fowl, not to mention a great many creatures in between, I have no worries at all about them.  Wylie loves animals and is a most gentle soul.

My camera will be tagging along for the ride as usual.  With Wylie in tow, I’m uncertain as to what opportunities I can take advantage of for some casual photography, but I’ll do my best.

I should be back online Sunday at some point, give or take plenty of rest after such a long day.

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