I haven’t a clue what kind of dragonfly this is.  No matter.  Even if I can’t identify the big beast, I can at least share these photos, all of which were taken at the family farm on Saturday.

Thick clouds offered little help with the lighting situation, therefore you can assume the color is somewhat tainted by overcast skies.

Still, the large monster was quite photogenic and approachable—as are all dragonflies if they’re comfortably perched and you don’t move quickly.  Mom even took a moment to pet it while it sat there basking in sunless shadow.  It never flinched.

Both of us snapped several photos of it, undoubtedly invading its personal space in the process, yet it cocked its head only once or twice as it sized us up and decided we were neither a meal nor a threat.

A dragonfly (206_0688)
A dragonfly (206_0685)
A dragonfly (206_0686)
A dragonfly (206_0694)
A dragonfly (206_0693)

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