A rather impressive thunderstorm has finally moved off a bit.  It rolled in just in time for rush hour.  What did it offer?  The same as we’ve had for who knows how long: very heavy rain, vociferous thunder and lightning that would frighten dead people, flooding… and more flooding, and roiling dark clouds that billowed with fierce intent.

It seems the rain has no intention of leaving Texas.  Whether it be scattered storms that exacerbate our problems, or better organized systems like today that really make matters worse, summer is poised to be a no-show this year.

We don’t have rain in summer.  We don’t have these cooler-than-normal temperatures in summer.  We don’t have this horrific tropical airmass in summer.

Yet here we are.

No one speaks of the drought anymore, or the fires, or all the problems that stemmed from both.  Neither exist now.  Instead we have perpetual floods and flash floods that visit each day.  Grass is once again dying, yet not for lack of water; instead, it’s because too much rain has washed away all the nutrients in the soil.  Many area lakes are at least partially closed due to overflowing banks.  And the list goes on.

I’m not complaining, mind you, for I find all of this a welcome respite from what should have been: hellish temperatures, no hope for rain, brutal sunshine that singes everything it touches, a clear blue sky that gushes with fiery vengeance, and all that comes with this season.

But wow!  I have to tell you, poppets, I’ve never seen anything like this before, and I’ve lived here for almost 40 years.

We’ve now entered August, normally the hottest month of the year ’round these parts.  What are the chances of summer making an appearance?  If the current forecast is any indication, they’re pretty good.  Our temperatures seem poised to dance about the century mark with overnight lows in the “heat advisory” area.  For anyone counting, that’s a forecast heat index of 105°F (41°C) but less than 115°F (46°C) for less than 3 hours per day, or nighttime lows above 80°F (27°C) for 2 consecutive days.  We might just hit one or both requirements beginning this weekend and continuing through next week.

Of course, it might actually be worse than a heat index.  Only time will tell.  We have forecast highs at 99°F (37°C) and forecast lows at 79°F (26°C).  Add to that this perpetual blanket of heavy moisture that seems intent to rest upon us for aye and anon… and you come up with what we expected to have at least two months ago, only worse.  The high dewpoints are the unusual piece of this puzzle, so the hot temperatures finally arriving could well be much worse than that to which we’re accustomed.  Not much worse, but worse nonetheless.

How long will it last?  There’s no promise it’ll even arrive.  Likewise, there’s no assurance it won’t be a passing meteorological fad.

Now, however, the rain continues, albeit at a much slower and lighter pace, and the temperature has dropped to a comfortable level, although the dewpoint is tickling the temperature’s toes, so the humidity is near 100%.

I’d prefer it to stay this way (sans the extra humidity if possible).  Let’s skip summer this year, shall we?

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