Double, double toil and trouble. . .

. . .Fire burn and cauldron bubble.

‘Tis time yet again to stand upon the forms of angry beasts, to tarry with blade and flame in defense of capitalism.

Yes, poppets, tomorrow begins yet another round of being on call for work.  I do so wish I could say truthfully that the week should progress without incident, yet such a thing would be inherently dishonest.

We have so much going on at the moment, what with migrating a plethora of servers to new hardware whilst simultaneously introducing a surfeit of new servers to meet our gluttonous and ever expanding needs.

Would that I could foretell a quiet time with but a hiccup betwixt the morrow’s morn and the pentad that follows.  Ah, but a foolish gesture would such a prediction be, so I shall refrain from even considering such prognostications.

Let us hope for a bit of peace and quiet, a week of hell that never comes.

And let us see what time brings. . .

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