The perfect complement

I wish I could tell you specifically what kind of moth this is.  I can’t, though, despite trying to identify it.  I’ll keep looking just in case. . .

Nevertheless, I found this marvelous paring the morning of July 7 as I strolled about the lake in search of nature’s rest.  I chanced upon this beautiful pink moth where it clung to stunning blue flowers, and immediately I knew they represented the perfect complement, what with the brilliance of piercing blue contrasted so spectacularly with the soft, pastel pink of a moth too small and tender to be real.  I felt the entire scene had been put together for my benefit, that Nature herself had seen fit to offer me artwork the likes of which humanity could never rival.

A beautiful pink moth on stunning blue flowers (202_0290)

[the large version offers a most extraordinary view; flower is mealycup sage (a.k.a. mealy blue sage; Salvia farinacea)]

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