A little secret

First, let me say this post will not survive the transition to my post-publication blog—whatever form that ultimately takes.  I’m only sharing this now because it won’t be around later.

Next, let me tell you a little secret.

The Dreamdarkers manuscript is almost complete.  In perhaps a month to six weeks, I will begin the first major rewrite/edit of the tale, after which I will run it by a few friends who have graciously volunteered to proof it for me.  Following that will be the last rewrite before I proceed with locating an agent and getting the book published.

Work on End of the Warm Season will promptly follow.  I still am unsure as to whether or not that will be one or two volumes, but the story itself is already locked in place.

Centralia (or whatever it’s to be called) will likely follow, as will preliminary work on the first of several installments that will ultimately comprise the epoch The Breaking of Worlds.  Of course, there are other stories to be told and I can’t guarantee what order they will follow.  Keep in mind I’m already toying with an idea tentatively called Sentinels of Forever and another along the lines of Diaries of the Damned (neither of those titles is written in stone despite the stories themselves being solidly formed).

And now to the crux of the secret. . .

Kingswell, as I have said before, will play a major role in most of these stories.  That is by no means an accident or a way to alleviate the need to create new environments for each novel.

On the contrary, linking them all to this tiny East Texas town of my own making is an integral part of a much broader plan.  You see, Dave Lloyd, the author of what will be Dreamdarkers, is more than a single character in a single story.  In fact, you will find recurring characters throughout the whole of these tomes, and eventually you will begin piecing together the underlying chronicle of what I am tentatively calling The Kingswell Trials (that name is highly likely to change).

I’ve said before that End of the Warm Season will provide answers to questions left hanging in Dreamdarkers.  Not all the answers, mind you, and even more questions will be raised, but slowly over the expanse of narratives a broader story will begin to take shape.

Only I know what that story entails.  You, gentle readers, will be offered sometimes subtle, sometimes blatant clues as to the meaning of it all.  But don’t expect too much too quickly.  Each book must stand on its own, and the undercurrent directing events in Kingswell will not become clear until the final chapters of a vast digest fall into place.

[BTW, if you want to know what some of the other books will be called or about as I write them, you need look no further than Dave Lloyd’s works, for within his literary history as explained in Dreamdarkers can be found prophetic hints of what’s to come: Gifts From a Quantum God, Jason’s Tale, Sing Larentia’s Song, Evolution’s My Gig, Are You Taking Desperation’s Call?, When Kings Come Knocking, Introduction to Hell, and Compassion in Annihilation’s Caress; whether they be actual titles, ideas, or merely intimations as to the greater story I will leave to you to decide; oh, and for those who read the original “Darkness Comes to Kingswell” short story, you will be pleased to know that title is now in the running for the final episode of The Kingswell Trials. . .]

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  1. I think you’ll enjoy each story individually, mArniAc, but I also think you’ll appreciate more than others what ultimately is the point. At least I hope so. . .

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