I know you ain’t lookin’ at my man!

I chanced upon Grendel and Kako huddled together in their typical lover’s embrace.  With them resting in the middle of the bed on a sunny afternoon, I knelt down and leaned near them to snap a few photos.


As you can see, Kako immediately took umbrage.  I had invaded their space and had pushed myself into what apparently had been a moment meant only for the two of them and no other.

“I know you ain’t looking at my man!” she exclaimed, her eyes wide and fixed upon me with a predator’s steely gaze.  “I got two words for you, Daddy: PUH!  LEASE!  I know you a sissy boy and all, but you got to find you a man elsewhere, ’cause he’s all mine!”

I assure you she wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to gouge my eyes out and pick her teeth with my bones, at least when it comes to Grendel, her man.

So I backed away slowly. . .

[note this is the first photo in which you can see her one white whisker]

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