Can you recognize it?

Vazra lying on the floor looking out the window

Louis A. Camuti, a veterinarian, once made clear the most palpable of fur person truths: “With dogs and people, it’s love in big splashy colors. When you’re involved with a cat, you’re dealing in pastels.”

The relationship between people and cats tends toward the subtle end of the spectrum.  Unlike canines who demonstrate in bold moves, felines enjoy a more casual approach.

So I ask: Can you recognize it?  Are your eyes capable of differentiating Vazra’s adaptation to owning a human like me?

In but a year he has integrated himself into life with the rest of us.  As a point of fact, he has become so attached to me that he now follows me about the house and talks to me incessantly, engaging me in conversation and speaking to me in his native tongue with absolute certainty that I will understand him.  And I do.

Each of The Kids has a distinct voice, one recognized immediately and comprehended with sureness.  When one of them speaks, I hear and I know.  I know what they’re saying, what they’re feeling, what they’re thinking.

And now so too with Vazra.  He’s trained me well.

The love and affection I feel for him has deepened tremendously since his rescue.  I see the same in his feelings for me.

So again I ask: Can you recognize it?  Can you see the feeling of safety, the confidence in his own well-being while in my presence, the comfort of knowing he loves and is loved?


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