for this is the way of things

Clouds painted gold by the setting sun

this is the world where fire paints the sky
warm gold and cool blue
then comes the night
brushing the sky with broad strokes of dark
stealing the light
only to offer its own

Flowers wilting in early morning

this is the garden where autumn wilts the flower
to make room for life
bewildered stems held upright
in denial

My laptop keyboard

these are the keys worn by effort
and time
the place where thought becomes words
words become movement
movement becomes keystrokes
keystrokes become worn
and in the becoming I am found

A large funnel spider web

this is secretion turned to silk
entrapment and nourishment
in one breath

Rascal fetching the tennis ball

this is motion
made from pure love and joy
familial comradeship made manifest

all crash against the rocks of the eternal shore
all are broken

for this is the way of things
everything turns into something else
then slips away

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