It starts with comfort

Larenti quietly slept just outside the patio fence, her belly turned toward the sky in absolute comfort.  She lay dappled with sunlight.

Larenti sleeping on her back with a bit of sun dappling her fur

Then came the stretch.

Larenti lying on her back with her front legs stretched out in front of her

After that, she congealed into a curly ball of fur that epitomized contentment.

2 thoughts on “It starts with comfort”

  1. I was less than two feet from her, but I was on the other side of the fence. Still, she trusts me more than any other human (something I’ve been working on diligently in hopes of later rescuing and adopting her). You can see some of the other shots that demonstrate this trust by looking here.

    A new twist on this is that in the last few weeks she’s started letting me rub her belly, something she very much enjoys, so little by little she’s crossing the road from skittish, frightened stray to loving, trusting friend.

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