That didn’t work as expected

Vazra lay against the pillow as a soft purr rumbled gently from his core.  Kazon, meanwhile, stood on my chest meowing loudly.  His declaration?  “It’s time to get up, Daddy!”  Hard to misunderstand him at such volumes and in such close proximity.

I petted him for a moment, then I rolled over to look at the clock.  6:05 AM.  Perfect.  Not too early for a Sunday morning.

After doling out greetings and affection to The Kids, I rose and began the day.

When I finally made it into the kitchen, something caught my eye, something confusing.  The clock on the microwave said it was 5:20 AM.  Huh?

Then it hit me.  In my setting-the-clocks-back spree the night before, I had missed the alarm clock in the bedroom.  Argh!

The end of Daylight Saving Time hadn’t exactly given me the extra hour I had anticipated.  Truth be told, it never does since The Kids don’t care about such things.  Clocks are meaningless to them.  They have a schedule, which means I have a schedule, and neither has ever been able to tell time.

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