What did Katy do?

I was not alone when I stepped outside to the patio this morning.

The moment I reached back to close the door behind me, I saw it clinging to the door near my hand.

It’s been on the patio ever since.

I had to wait until the sun rose high enough to offer sufficient light before I tried to photograph it.  After doing so, it continued milling about and even now is somewhere other than where I first discovered it.

What am I talking about?

A katydid.

A meadow katydid hanging out on the patio fence

From the time I first saw it to the time I captured some images, it had moved from the door to the fence.

Were I to guess, I’d say it’s a common meadow katydid (Orchelimum vulgare), although several other species of meadow katydid might also apply.  You see, one must lift the kilt of a male to determine its true species, at least with this kind of insect, and I didn’t have it in me to violate the poor lad in that way.

Oh, yes, it’s a male.  That’s easy to see as it has no ovipositor.  In the world of katydids it’s the women who are well hung, so it’d be terribly obvious if this little chap was actually a little lass.

What I love about these things is the size of their antennae.  They’re always as long as their bodies, if not longer.  Here, this is what I’m talking about.

A meadow katydid hanging out on the patio fence

Very cool, eh?

Even now the lad remains on the patio fence, although he eventually crawled down the outside to a position a hand’s width from the ground.  Facing the sky.  Who can blame him on such a pretty day?

I’ve not pestered him since our original photo session.  I doubt he needs me up in his face again.

A meadow katydid hanging out on the patio fence

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