Autumnal kitty

I’ve begun work on Larenti’s page (it’s blank at the moment), making the site changes necessary to move his posts, photos, and videos into the various “The Kids” categories, making the content edits in response to a definitive finding on his gender, adding him to the “The Kids” section in the sidebar and the The Kids page, and all the other site modifications necessary for his recent addition to our home.

Meanwhile, I’m also doing laundry, washing dishes, vacuuming, dusting, taking out the garbage, spending time with all of The Kids, trying to fix a major registry problem on one of my computers, finding something for lunch, researching a replacement video card for the main home server, and a litany of other tasks.

Since I’ve been running like a fool and have yet to stop and rest, let me offer you these photos of the autumnal kitty.  Taken last Tuesday as the sun set on yet another unseasonably warm day, he and I enjoyed letting the rays blanket us from low on the southwestern horizon while a southerly zephyr caressed us.  The very next day our arctic friend moved into town, after which Larenti moved into the cat carrier.  The rest is history.

Anyway, I rather like the way these images turned out and felt them a marvelous way to mark Larenti’s last day outside on his own.

Larenti sleeping on a bed of fallen leaves as the setting sun shines on his face
Larenti lying on a bed of fallen leaves looking at the setting sun
Larenti lying on a bed of fallen leaves as he casts his gaze in my direction

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