Collecting cats

And you wonder where I got it from. . .

Mom informed me of the latest addition to the farm’s feline population.  Meet Teddy.

Teddy standing to get his picture taken

He joins Smudge, Yoda, and Chewy, the resident cats, as well as Snoopy and Rascal, the resident canines, not to mention the chickens and cows and rabbits and all manner of creatures both domestic and wild who call the farm home.

As for how well Teddy is doing in such a beastly environment, take a look for yourself.

Rascal with his head lying on Teddy as both look at the camera

Rascal is the wild child in this particular animal family, so Teddy has his hands full.  Looks like he’s off to a good start.

4 thoughts on “Collecting cats”

  1. I’m with you, Pam! I love that photo with Rascal gently resting on Teddy while both look at the camera. You couldn’t have asked for a better pose!

  2. He followed me home..honest! Actually, while Homer hollered "Stay in the truck" I had to step out and this cute little kitten just stuck to my jacket. Since I couldn’t get him loose, I had to take hime home.
    And yes, I do have ocean front property in Arazona for sale, what makes you ask?

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