Death and destruction

Or not so much.

Grendel lying on the love seat with Larenti

And on the other side of this mayhem?

Loki lying on the arm of the love seat with Larenti lying below him

That’s right!  It’s the devil himself.

You can see the chaos engendered by Larenti‘s addition to the xenogere home.

Grendel has erred on the side of dominance, something I’m working on without causing too much stress in the natural pecking order.  His behavior has surprised me a wee bit, although not horribly given he’s the alpha male.  Still, he’s been a bit “Gonna kick your ass!” lately, at least from time to time (okay, I can count these instances on less than three fingers, but still. . .).

As for Loki, he’s rather uncaring about it all, careful not to push Larenti’s buttons or cause too much disorder, yet not entirely restrained or concerned.  He gives the new kid a bit of wiggle room, but otherwise he is who he is.

Vazra seems completely unconcerned.  Mind you, he knew Larenti long before his own rescue, let alone this most recent adoption from the streets.  In fact, I’ve seen Vazra and Larenti playing in the most comfortable of ways.  They’ve brought many a smile to my face with their beer-buddy antics.

Kazon has taken it all in stride.  While he generally gives Larenti all the room he needs to be comfortable, he’s also enjoyed several rounds of cat-chase-cat with his new sibling.  Add to that his unending desire to be friends with everyone.  Needless to say, nothing of concern has cropped up in their interactions.

But then comes Kako.  Her bitchy attention suddenly finds Vazra quite acceptable.  Whereas he had been the outcast in her eyes since his adoption, Larenti’s presence has offered a new target for her “Get out of my house!” attitude.  I suspect that will take some time before it smooths out, or at least becomes less hostile.

As for Larenti, he’s coming along nicely.  He day by day grows more comfortable.  At first, he wouldn’t leave the cat carrier in the bathroom.  Eventually, he came out of that phase and began exploring his new world.  Now he sleeps in the bedroom with the rest of The Kids.  He doesn’t frighten as easily.  He lets the rest of us walk near him without fleeing.  He talks incessantly and expects his morning lovin’ just like the rest of the spoiled brats in this household.

Progress?  You betcha!

[please excuse the quality of the photos; my camera increasingly offers me nothing but headaches; more on that later]

2 thoughts on “Death and destruction”

  1. Hey, they’re all on the same couch – looks like progress to me! 😆 My boys rarely get that close to each other (or me).

  2. LOL! That’s hysterical, Randy. Cats are so finicky. What picky little creatures they are!

    As for The Kids. . . With six cats, I’m always amazed at how they tend to congregate together for naps, climb into bed with me for a good night’s sleep, or just hang out in the same vicinity. As with Vazra, I’m happily surprised at how quickly Larenti joined the crowd sans unpleasantness!

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