The lion cut

I mentioned once after Larenti‘s rescue that I needed “to have him shaved to get rid of some knots.”  Truth be told, even the vet recommended a full shave as the dozens of knots along his back were near the skin and impossible to brush out.

I knew these remnants of his medium hair and time outside without proper care needed remedy for him to be comfortable.  One had only to see him stretch to understand how they pulled at him, hurt him, and interfered with his normal activities.

The solution?  It’s called a lion cut.  You’ve undoubtedly seen it before: when a cat is shaved all but for the head, the paws, and the tail.  Thus would be Larenti’s fate.

Thankfully, the best groomers in town are about 30 minutes away, give or take traffic, and they can be trusted never to use muzzles, restraints, or other inhumane means on any cat they groom.  So off we went on a Saturday morning, and by that afternoon Larenti returned home a new man.  Or at least a naked yet more comfortable man.

Here’s the proof.


You can see where the knots pulled hair away from the skin.  Like racing stripes on a car, Larenti’s hairless streaks mean something more than bravado; they mean pain as every bit of fur pulled out from the roots to leave a bald spot, one growing and stretching from stem to stern.

But afterward?  Well, that’s a different story.


Remember that very same position under different circumstances?

Since the deed was done I’ve seen him be far more comfortable, far more playful and relaxed.  Something in his movement, from stretching to sleeping, appears normal to a degree he could not attain before.

Regular brushing/combing will help inhibit this in the future.  For now, however, he’s never enjoyed a back rub like this before!

[that’s Kako in the background of the second photo]

5 thoughts on “The lion cut”

  1. that first picture is great. He looks almost pissed and confused as if to say "WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU JUST DONE TO ME?!?!?!?!?"

  2. Too funny, Randy! The back legs look the same, but I’ll admit my fascination has been similar to yours: I find myself looking at those front legs and thinking—always without saying it aloud—”Wouldn’t it be cute to keep those just as they are?”

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