A strange lot

American coots (Fulica americana).  What an odd bunch they are.

A covert of American coots (Fulica americana) swimming in a creek (IMG_20071230_00559)

Charcoal-colored footballs with stubby little wings and black heads resting atop squat necks.

An American coot (Fulica americana) standing in the shallows bathed in early morning sunlight (20071228_00496)

Red eyes that seem to contradict inherently their gregarious nature.

An American coot (Fulica americana) swimming near shore (20071228_00470)

And oversized legs with pontoon feet, neither of which fits the rest of this strange creature.

An American coot (Fulica americana) walking through dry winter grass (IMG_0242)

But those feet.  Those ingenious, remarkable, bizarre feet.

A close-up of an American coot's (Fulica americana) feet perched on a rock just under the surface of the water (20080223_02145)

A strange lot indeed.

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