I sense it, Daddy

A close-up of Grendel as he lay in front of the patio doors with sunlight streaming in behind him (205_0534)

Change is on the wind, Grendel, and you do sense it, your predator skills attuned as variations and transformations develop around you.

A storm cries out in a sky full of tumultuous writhing, clouds parting briefly to reveal a sun pouring energy into an atmosphere defined by chaos.

A shift in life as we know it grows nearer, more powerful, ready to control our destiny in ways we cannot understand.

A move from known to unknown breeds concern for the familiar we will leave behind in search of the unfamiliar we seek.

A distress for that which we cannot control but which controls us becomes palpable, a heavy thing on the air that clings to each of us like a parasite.

I feel it too, Grendelkitty.  Ah, I feel it like a flame against the skin, a moth brushing my cheek with its wings, a terror and a joy wrapped together in one defining moment.

Let’s hope we have the strength we need to survive such frenzied times.

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