Worst day for photography

Partly cloudy.  Either I blew out the highlights because the sun popped out after I’d setup the shot or I captured a murky, dark scene because the sun vanished behind clouds after I had the camera ready for a shadowy image.

Windy.  Not only was I knocked about like so much paper blowing in the breeze, but many of my subjects likewise had a hard time sitting still—meaning I have lots of blurry pictures and lots of photos missing the main target.

Fingerprint.  At some point during this morning’s walk, and without realizing it, I planted my fat thumb right in the middle of the UV filter and left a remarkably clear imprint that happily sat between the lens and everything I tried to shoot from that point forward.

Sunglasses.  I kept forgetting I had my sunglasses on, so I’d set the lighting too high based on the dimmer view I was seeing rather than what the camera was seeing.

Some days it’s just not worth chewing through the restraints…

2 thoughts on “Worst day for photography”

  1. it’s always worth chewing through the restraints. It at least allows you to run away and not have to sit there and keep putting up with it.

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