It begins where it ends

Read the last chapter first, but don’t read the last page.  Save that for later.

Thus begins “The Kingswell Chronicle” with Dreamdarkers.

My attention has focused on the first major rewrite of this novel, my first of many, and throughout I have searched within the confines of my own imagination to discover the secret of this tale, the magnificent truth of what Dreamdarkers begins by way of Dave Lloyd’s writ.

Now I have the answer.

The whole of the ordeal never escaped me, mind you, yet how one thing might lead to another remained a mystery.  Dare I begin at the end and tell a story in reverse?  Or dare I spin a yarn that must needs start with a finish only to foretell a commencement?

What this book says introduces a whole by way of a conclusion, one that demands a beginning without revealing what rests betwixt the two.

I thought it was important to write this.  I thought it was important to document our ordeal.  I really thought it was important.  I’ve witnessed the end of the world.  I can’t help but feel I’ve done a moderately poor job of making clear precisely how terrible things have been.  I suppose at this point it doesn’t really matter.  I know what I have to do.  Now I just need to do it.

To what does Dave refer?  Only by reading Dreamdarkers will you know.

The story that follows this introduction, of course, is an account that births itself via the existence he explains in Dreamdarkers, an introduction that begins where his story ends, an introduction that speaks of the very culmination that End of the Warm Season will inaugurate.

A new light shines upon “The Kingswell Chronicle” that heretofore remained in shadow.

A new inspiration befalls an author that escaped him until this moment.

A new dedication to a dream rests upon my shoulders.

Prepare yourselves, poppets, for “The Kingswell Chronicle” has truly just begun…

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