Painfully hobbled

Welcome to another episode of my back is killing me due to surgery performed in 1996 to address “focally accelerated lumbar spondylosis (fusion or decreased motion of the joints) across several intervertebral discs, moderate central spinal stenosis (assumed to be congenital), significant narrowing of the right lateral recess (called lateral recess stenosis), and degenerative disc disease.”

Six hours of surgery, two weeks in the hospital, four months out of work and eighteen months in physical therapy all provided a marvelous reprieve from crippling pain and the looming threat of paralysis.

Nevertheless, as the invasive procedure left my spine working quite differently from most others, from time to time I am assaulted with extreme and debilitating backaches.

This is just such a week.

I awoke Saturday and rolled out of bed with a spry interest in taking a walk.  That would be the only spry activity in which I would engage for who knows how long.

The moment I stood up was the moment I realized things had gone terribly wrong.

Pain?  You betcha.

I’ve been away from work two days already because of it.  I can barely walk across the room.  You think I’m going to drive thirty minutes to work and sit in an office chair all day?  Nope.

So for now I move around like a man three times my age, bent, limping, crippled with excruciating agony.  And I wait for it to be over.

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