Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

Remember these from 1974?  First, Shenandoah Caverns in Virginia:

My two brothers and sister and me with Mom in the Shenandoah Caverns in 1974 (74_Shenandoah_Caverns)

Then later that same day, the Hogle home in New York:

My parents, paternal grandparents, brothers, sister and me visiting family in New York in 1974 (74_grandparents_NY)

34 years ago.  Just one of many memories from these past decades.

Thank you for that and so much more.

Happy Mother’s Day!

I love you!

[details for photo 1 – l to r: my sister Roni, my brother Fred, my brother Wade, me and Mom; details for photo 2 – l to r top row: my uncle Roger, my paternal grandmother (who passed away a few weeks ago), Mom, Dad and my paternal grandfather, then l to r bottom row: me, my sister Roni, my brother Wade and my brother Fred]

15 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!”

  1. You’re trying hard to get your SBB kicked, aren’t you? And don’t hassle me about my age, old man. You’ll always be ahead of me in that regard.


    Who’s pickin’ on my baby!?! GRRRRRRRR. C’mon. My watch cows will do a number in your yard, and it won’t be pretty.

  3. and if you need to send the watch cows out to do their number elsewhere, i could use some extras soon since i’m about to build LD a small garden ğŸ˜Ž

  4. Oh, he’s harmless, Mom. He’s so old that his walker moves too fast for him. Poor chap. We had to put anchors on it to slow it down so he could handle it.

    Watch cows? There’s a lot of truth in that statement!

    I saw the beginnings of the garden with what you and LD had growing in the backyard pots. So you’re going to make something a little less nomadic?

  5. Anchors? all you had to do was turn off the nitrous bottle. you youngsters, always ruining us old folks fun. 😛

    As far as the wannabe garden, yes, I think I will be building a box for her to plant as well as protect the growth from the 4-legged critters. we apparently have a digger. I need to figure out a way to keep the critters out. would love to see its face if it gets hold of the jalapeno plant. 😈

  6. I’m not afraid of xocobra…remember, I’ve had kids so you can’t scare me.

    For a good garden he needs rabbit poop, which we just happen to have in abundance. Shall I fling him some or does he want to squeeze his own rabbits?

  7. Well if it’s not to much effort, would you mind squeezing them? I would hate to do it wrong and hurt the little critters. just have jason toss it in his pretty little car, i’m sure he won’t mind the smell. :mrgreen:

  8. You know, at one point there was a conversation taking place here, but now all I get out of it is “blah blah blah” and an annoying sound like a mosquito buzzing around my ear. How odd.

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