Michelle Malkin is a bitch…

as well as a bigot, butthead, Byzantine boob, bitter blight, biased bully, bootlicker and bogus boss.

To use her thoughtless thinking against her, wouldn’t you presume she looks like a Zero, the kind of vicious, vile, vindictive vixen the likes of which was responsible for Pearl Harbor?  I bet she’s still sour over the war and is looking for a way to ruin the U.S. from within.

Why, yes, that must be it.  Michelle Malkin is a mindless minion of murderous marauders still absent-mindedly motivated to massacre Americans by means both minute and mocking of morality.

I bet she can deliver a message to Satan for me…when she gets to hell, I mean.

[I do so try to stay out of politics here, but this daft and devilish defilement of Dunkin’ Donuts due to a simple scarf is definitely dumb, disgusting, depraved, dreadful and deliberately deceptive; Michelle Malkin is as ignorant as she is asinine, and that says little of her malicious, malignant egomania]

3 thoughts on “Michelle Malkin is a bitch…”

  1. I hereby nominate her for hysterical moron bitch of the week. May she do an Isadora Duncan on her next scarf and enrich the world.

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