An air of entitlement

Vazra lying on the floor near a pool of sunshine (169_6927)

I find myself continually entertained by Vazra‘s air of entitlement.

This manifests evidently in the way he treats personal space, both his own and that of others.

If one of the other cats invades that space while Vazra is sitting or lying somewhere, he gets cranky, bitchy even, and he’ll complain obstreperously until the infraction is righted.  And don’t even think you intend to sit or lie against him in some way.  Why, when that happens, you’d think someone had stepped on his tail with all the moaning and groaning and complaining he does.

Yet when the tables are turned, attitudes change abruptly.

A perfect example is when I’m sitting on the couch.  You can bet two or more of The Kids will be with me.  When I have one on my lap and at least two others spread out beside me, that leaves no room for anyone else unless they choose an arm or the back of the furniture.

Vazra doesn’t see it that way.  When he wants to be on the couch with me, nothing stands in his way.  He’ll step all over any feline already there, and he’ll choose a spot and plant himself—even if that means on top of someone else.

This generally leads to what I call “The Great Upset” which entails everyone being dislocated as cats scramble and protest and hiss and throw a few swats.  All the while I sit and laugh until I cry, for when The Great Upset ends, Vazra is generally left with the couch and me all to himself.

But don’t you dare reverse the roles on him, for any feline assuming what’s good for the goose is good for the gander will find vehement grumbling and selfish hostility as his response.

Vazra sitting next to the patio doors within sunshine streaming in around him (190_9074)

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