It is of endings that I wish to speak

Exuviae remind me that life transforms into something else.

The exuvial remnants of a cicada (20080621_07096)

Rain reminds me that rejuvenation lies just beyond every horizon.

Rain drops lingering on the leaf of a shrub (20080617_06874)

Even the smallest of streams reminds me that everything is on its way to someplace else.

A small stream on its way to another place (20080426_04769)

Sunsets remind me that all things end.

The sun setting over White Rock Lake (20080119_01411)

It is of endings that I wish to speak.

Temporary endings, but endings nonetheless.

Working a schedule of twelve days on, two days off, twelve days on, two days off, and so on ad nauseam…  That’s my life at the moment.

I need time to focus on other things.  Finding a new job, for instance, and relocating, not to mention The Kids and work on Dreamdarkers.

For at least the next two weeks I intend to step away from blogging in its totality so that I might seek those answers which escape me at present.

This is not permanent.  Consider it a furlough, a sabbatical.

More important matters require my attention.  They deserve as much.

4 thoughts on “It is of endings that I wish to speak”

  1. Yes, relocating. Don’t expect it in the next week or two, but do expect it in the future–as quickly as I can make it happen.

    Let’s just say two major components play into this: (1) None of my siblings give one iota for our parents, so it’s up to me to make sure someone looks after them; and (2) I’ve grown weary of city life and have an overwhelming desire to get the hell out of Dodge and to a more rural setting.

    But I won’t be far and won’t be a stranger to the loved ones I leave behind. I assure you I’ll be back for visits as often as I can. And I’ll certainly remain in touch.

  2. How about relocating your parents instead? Can I picture you massaging the beef for very long? Probably not! Is it because of the new city pet ordinance – do you feel restricted in the number of cats you may now have?

  3. I wouldn’t consider asking them to move, at least not right now. The farm was meant as their retirement home, their getaway from the urban jungle. That’s where they want to be.

    I’m ignoring the city ordinance. Where I live already had a city ordinance that restricted the number (a shared-wall dwelling is limited to four), but I ignored that one quite well. I see the new one as requiring the same level of disregard.

    And I am no bovine masseur! Oh, I guess maybe you weren’t referring to cows…

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