Chasing my own tail is tiring!

al-Zill lying beside the bed as he yawns (20080621_07329)

al-Zill has discovered his own tail.  This results in some rather entertaining chase scenes.

I’ve yet to capture any photos of the fun since I usually know it’s happening only when he bounces off a wall or runs into something; then when I get up to investigate, he stops.

But the fun he has lends itself to some extremely hilarious escapades.

He becomes enthralled with trying to catch his tail and even tries sneaking up on it.  This includes crouching down and peeking over his own shoulder as he watches it twitch from side to side.

He gives a little butt shake as cats are wont to do when hunting, then he makes the leap and tumbles in a spiral of uncontrolled folly.

This can go on for several minutes before something else catches his attention, be it hunger or thirst or a toy or another cat—or me.

And on the subject of al-Zill…

His neurological problems have diminished greatly since I rescued him.  They’re not gone, mind you, but they’re better.

Still, when I’ve been holding him and move to put him down, he becomes like jelly and sometimes falls while trying to gain his footing.  From time to time he has problems trying to run or walk.  He even falls over or off of things every now and then, and I don’t mean in the normal way felines do these things.

He’s still making progress, however, and I think being in a stable environment with good care and food has helped him.

According to the vets, he will never be free of this plague, never be fully sure of what his body will do in response to the sometimes chaotic and random messages his mind sends out.

At least I know he’s no longer threatened by the dangers of being outside under such conditions.

3 thoughts on “Chasing my own tail is tiring!”

  1. Thank you so much, Bernie! I greatly appreciate the sentiment on both counts. My only hope is that I can be a good father to these children, like any other parent.

    As for you, Nathalie, I tried to answer nezza’s question based on the photos available. Hopefully that helped. And I’m with you on al-Zill in this image: He’s rather comfortable, content and calm. I like it when they all feel that way.

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