Mr. Man

Mr. Man.  Kazon.  My baby.

Kazon sitting in front of the patio windows looking at me while sunshine streams in from behind him (162_6205)

Black like midnight.  Loving as though his life depended on it.  Companionship incarnate.

It’s the Mr. Man Show…
…starring Mr. Man!

Derek said those words all the time, amazed at how no one could take my place in Kazon’s world, sometimes hurt and sometimes amused by Panther Kitty’s ability to stand at the door and lament my absence with such brutality that it made Derek cry.  No matter how much he called out to him, Kazon would sit at the door and weep his longing upon the altar of desire with heartfelt calls begging me to return.

Nothing has changed in that regard.  Kazon was, is, and always will be my Baby, my Puppy, the child who needs me desperately if he is to survive.

He’s a Kazon man…
He’s so alive…
He ain’t got no boundaries…
He don’t compromise…

Sung to the stupid Ford truck commercial, that’s my own dimwitted greeting for Kazon from time to time, something I believe most people do when it comes to the animals who share their lives: take a song or jingle and modify it in the name of a loved one.

Kazon doesn’t care though, for he recognizes the salutation and responds to it.

While I think it unlikely, I fear for his well-being should he outlive me.  No one has ever been able to fill that place in his heart that belongs to me.  What would happen to him if I could no longer be his Daddy, his bed and cushion, his savior and buddy?

I wonder.

3 thoughts on “Mr. Man”

  1. The ditty I sing to my animal baby is "When it says Libby, Libby, Libby on the label, label, label, you will like it, like it, like it on your table, table, table". Of course her name is Libby and I thought it was too close to her being a lab to be very creative but the name surely fits her personality which developed. I, being morbid, thought ahead when she was a 12 week old puppy, seeing me sing that song to her in the long ahead yet too short future when it will be the last time she hears it. We all depend on the fact that others will always be there to take care of us. Animals most of all.

  2. LOL! I love it, connie. And why not plan ahead, or at least think far enough ahead to appreciate what’s down the road?

    It’s funny how most people who share their lives with animals wind up modifying common songs and the like to fit each life.

    And how right you are about relying on others. I fear most people take it for granted that someone else will do that job…

  3. My Favash is exactly like this. He follows me, sleeps under the covers with me, gets lost in a room if I’m not there and caterwauls til I call out and remind him I’m in the next room. He sits and gazes at me for hours, must be touching me (as in right now, he’s laying across my left arm as I type). While he tolerates pets from others, he is not devoted nor attached to anyone else. It’s good to have a reason, a warm fuzzy loving reason, to keep on each day.

    Favash, is also a black dsh and not unsurprisingly looks almost exactly like your Kazon. I wonder if the behaviour is colour linked 😉

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