Introducing ‘Days come and go’

Fleeting and transient.  One by one the same yet vastly different each, days come and go like cannon fodder in a war.

Grasping to each of them with desperate intent are memories; perhaps ours, perhaps those belonging to someone else, but memories all the same.

As I recently perused a collection of photographs from Mom, many of them decades old, I realized there are faces within some of them that I will never see again, faces that contain the love of family and friends now lost to time.

I cherish moments spent dwelling on each of these images, moments defined by chills and tears, laughter and heartache.  I find it amazing how something as ubiquitous as photographs can contain such dramatic emotion, such lamentation and joy, such sorrow and mirth.

So in honor of days gone by yet memorialized within snapshots of living captured through the lens, I intend to share these photos, some along with the memories that accompany them.

Quality is lacking in many of these images due in no small part to the technologies and eras which define them.  Don’t expect art; do expect commemoration.

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