Three different approaches

Kako and Vazra lying on the bedroom floor as Larenti sits behind them (20080426_05074)

The scene is simple: Kako is lying next to the patio doors in the bedroom.  Vazra decides to lie down next to her.  Larenti sneaks in behind them to sit by the open windows.

The problem is equally simple: Kako hates all her siblings except Grendel.  In fact, she deplores Vazra only slightly less than she deplores Larenti, and that is unequal only to her hatred of al-Zill.  Oh, and she barely tolerates her own brother Kazon, let alone the devil incarnate, Loki.

So how did they all respond to this apparent conflict?  Each according to their gifts and dispositions of course!

Vazra pretended not to see Kako and instead looked out toward the patio, casting an intentionally disregarding look in her direction—but not at her, mind you, but instead over her.

Larenti decided it best not to get involved.  He pointed his attention out the open windows and put the potential ugliness behind him…both literally and figuratively.

Kako aimed her steely gaze at Vazra and never blinked, staring at him with a disdain that was palpable like a fog of evil intent filling the room and covering me from head to toe.  He knew it wise to make any motion a movement away from her.

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