Changes to xenogere unseen

My photoblog, xenogere unseen, will be undergoing dramatic changes over the next day or two.

The justifications are simple.

(1) Can you think of a reason I should use a photoblog setup with which I host my own photos whilst simultaneously I pay for image hosting at SmugMug?  Nope?  Me neither.  Truth be told, I have far more versatility with SmugMug than any other picture-hosting service, yet I fail to take advantage of that with the present configuration at xenogere unseen.  Making these changes will enable me to more fully utilize SmugMug for all my photos instead of just those seen here.

(2) I’m capricious.  I probably mentioned that before.  The xenogere unseen presentation (theme) has grown tiresome for me, so it’s time for a change.  That requires more significant work than it would here since the architecture at my photoblog hinges directly on the theme and hosting system used for pictures.

Oh well.

Needless to say, you should expect some issues while I make changes there as part of this rebirth.

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