A close-up of Kazon in bright sunlight (20080927_12947)

A phone call dreaded.  An outcome feared.

Yet apprehension died after the word ‘hello’…

Kazon underwent his dental surgery today, a rushed schedule following the strong regimen of antibiotics and steroids that filled these past two weeks.

Despite the very real danger of yet another tantrum by his immune system, the doctor reassures me that all went well.

The recent outbreak of his white cells attacking his own body seems to have been in response to infection in the tooth.  It takes but the slightest hint of infection for his immune system to explode in a rage of self-destructive behavior.

He endured three full weeks of antibiotics, two of which included a powerful combination of two such medicines coupled with a systemic steroid, and that seems to have done the trick, at least for now.

A bit later this afternoon I shall venture out to fetch him and return him to his place of comfort: home.

My job is to keep a close eye on him to ensure no infection sets in and that his behavior and health remain normal.  Any signs to the contrary might indicate the unleashing of yet another attack by his own body, one intent on protecting itself from infection by killing the host.

What a frightening thought…

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